Apple Wireless Keyboard

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AppleWirelessKeyboard is a small utility program for Windows that talks to the Apple Wireless Keyboard and responds to the Fn and Eject keys. Then it simulates native mac functionality. It adds the beautiful semitransparent overlays adds functions to otherwise dead keys. If you love the Apple Wireless Keyboard as much as I do, give this project a try.

The project is now open source on GitHub!

Implemented Features:


  1. Some antivirus programs detect this program as a virus. This is because it is intercepts key presses to provide its functionality. If you are still afraid, you can check out the source code on GitHub or use one of many decompilers to examine the source code of the program.

  2. Apple Wired Keyboard is supported, but the fn key will not work. Thats because the keyboard doesn’t send the event to the computer at all. Fn key doesn’t work on Apple USB Keyboard. Its a hardware issue i can’t fix.

  3. This program doesn’t install on your computer. All you have to do to get rid of it is to delete the file you downloaded.